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  • Arkansas’ ‘catastrophic’ tornado

Arkansas’ ‘catastrophic’ tornado

According to the National Weather Service, a "catastrophic" tornado has passed through the Little Rock, Arkansas region.

Stormy Daniels postpones interview with Piers Morgan

Stormy Daniels' planned interview with Piers Morgan has been postponed due to "security concerns," according to his announcement.

‘Top G’ released from jail

Andrew Tate, his brother Tristan, and the two women who were arrested in December have been released from jail.

Trump Update: no handcuffs, no plea deal

A New York Grand jury decided on Thursday to indict Donald Trump over alleged hush-money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election, however, Trump's attorney insisted…

Soros-backed DA works to keep gang members accused of killing toddler out of jail

California District Attorney Pamela Price has reportedly told the family of a murder victim that her office is looking to punish those charged with the murder without sending them to…

Florida Legislature approves carrying concealed loaded guns without permits

A measure allowing people to carry concealed loaded weapons anywhere without permits was approved by Florida's Republican-controlled Legislature on Thursday.

Inspectie blijft huisarts Rob Elens opjagen: ‘Opgestookt door top van politiek Den Haag’

Foto: Rob Elens (Videostill YouTube/Blue Tiger Studio) Help ons door deze info met jouw kennissen op je social netwerk te delen! De gezondheidsinspectie vindt dat huisarts Rob Elens door het…

L.A. politician found guilty of corruption

Democratic City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas has been found guilty in the United States District Court of seven felonies, including conspiracy, bribery, and fraud.

Simone Kerseboom (FVD) gaat dieper in op haar drijfveren rondom het internationale meldpunt Genderindoctrinatie: “Now it’s personal.”

Simone Kerseboom (FVD) zet in een reactie aan De Dagelijkse Standaard haar persoonlijke drijfveren uiteen hoe ze de problematiek rondom genderindoctrinatie aan wil pakken. Kerseboom liet eerder vandaag via het…

Finland to become 31st member of NATO

Turkey’s parliament approved Finland’s NATO application on Thursday, making it the 31st nation in the Western defense alliance.