• wo. jun 7th, 2023


Het nieuws Maar dan anders!

– Robert Barnes Responds To Elon Musk Hiring WEF Leader .

Find out what the top lawyer thinks of the new CEO

– Trump holds whopping lead in Kentucky and beyond .

Photo: Alamy President Trump has captured wide support in the great state of Kentucky as the 2024 presidential season has begun to pick up steam, according to new data from……

– VIDEO: Biden Incites Race War to Howard University Grads as Economy Collapses Under His Administration .

Democrats can't stop dividing Americans by race

– Breaking! Durham Report Confirms FBI Probe Into Trump-Russia Collusion Was a HOAX .

Damning report describes how Clinton campaign, CIA Chief John Brennan, President Obama, VP Biden, and FBI Chief Comey conspired to derail Trump's campaign and presidency.

– Police Issue Bulletin to Media Warning Democrat Activist LIED About Rescuing People in Mass Shooting .

In aftermath of shooting at Allen Premium Outlets, Allen police stated Democrat leader Steven Spainhouer made numerous false comments to media.

– Just Imagine if Kamala Harris Somehow Ends Up Being President of the United States… .

VP Harris couldn’t hold down a job at McDonalds. So we trying to figure out how she holds the second most important job in the Fed. Gov. Watch all of…

– Elon Musks nieuwe Twitter CEO is ESG-pusher Linda Yaccarino .

Vorige week maakte Elon Musk bekend dat hij een nieuwe CEO gevonden heeft voor Twitter. Dit om een belofte in te lossen die hij deed toen hij het sociale netwerk…

– Trump brings heartwarming surprise to two MAGA supporters in Iowa .

Photo: Alamy President Donald Trump’s anticipated Iowa rally was postponed over the weekend due to tornado warnings, but that didn’t stop him from showing his appreciation for MAGA supporters in……

HNMDA live 15-05-23 : Normaal is Abnormaal geen grap, as above so below. DUS NIET!

Een stukje uitleg over het nieuws. Wat er WEL en JUIST niet gezegd word. Info die je niet ziet in de mainstream media. Kijk deel en kijk samen !!! meedoen…

– Kimberly Guilfoyle: ‘Trump will go into ANY hostile environment and WIN’ .

Photo: Alamy Former Trump advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle declared President Trump’s ability to “WIN” in every situation this week. “He’s so comfortable in his own skin, he’s totally fearless, he just……